Tananáwit | Atwai Pamela Louis
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Atwai Pamela Louis

Atwai Pamela Louis is an artist whose talents and skills cover many mediums: ceramics, painting, sculpture, jewelry. She is a descendant of Wasco tribes and Billy Chinook (sister to Roxanne J. Chinook). She primarily works in porcelain using a technique called Sgraffito, meaning “to scratch”. This technique uses a small wire that allows her to carve back into the underglaze, exposing the clay body underneath. Her background includes a full scholarship to Museum Art School (now called P.N.C.A. – Pacific NW College of Art) and California College of Art, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in sculpture. In 2009, she attended Georgia State University for Ceramics, studying with Christina West.

Artist Statement

My inspiration comes from many areas of life: nature, astronomy, waves, tribal, color, and sometimes people. I use movement, shadow and light to portray and communicate sensations of calm, ease, peace. My work is my yoga; yoga meaning “union”. My work is inspired by a statement from Robin Hopper, another ceramic artist – “I was born in a bomb crater during the London Blitz-Kreig (Germany bombing London) so I want only to make things that are beautiful.”

With beautiful or calm as intention, the world for me finds balance.

Some of Pamela’s Work

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